Glider Rentals

  • We rent out our gliders by the hour, the day or for a 5-day week. See prices here
  • email or call GCV for bookings (use this check-list of information we need to know to accept your booking)


  • tows are charged by the minute with a per flight flagfall and average $40-45 to 2,000′ (700m)

Outlanding Retrieves

  • aerotow at $4.57 per minute (behind Scout) or $4.99 per minute (behind Pawnee) using experienced pilots rated for retrieves from suitable paddocks (ie fields)
  • road  retrieves by private arrangement


  • daily briefings at 0900
  • comprehensive weather briefing and suggested optimum tasks for the day
  • SAR and safety briefings

Hangar Rental

  • available by the week,month or year


  • plenty of these with water and power


There are a wide range of accommodation options in and around Benalla, catering for all tastes and prices.

  • Motels, hotels and B&B: there are many to choose from so check out the accommodation options in and around Benalla. Try the Glider City Motel on the edge of the airport.
  • Bunkhouse:  our on-site bunkhouse offers affordable single and double bedrooms with shared bathrooms. Book via our office.
  • Aeropark: our unique Aeropark offers private caravan sites for sale, with some private rentals available. Email the Aeropark secretary for details.
  • Camping: camping is not allowed on the airport site but there 2-3 excellent camping grounds in Benalla.


  • high-capacity wireless broadband available on site
  • casual access to shared PC in clubhouse (no charge)


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