Sales & Marketing

CORE RESPONSIBILITIES: Promoting and positioning the club, growing membership and revenue, improving offerings to members and the public, etc.

REVENUE MODEL: Cost centre but with revenue growth goals

WHO: John Gwyther

PLANS & PRIORITIES: my¬†FY10-11 plan (attachment:”Action Plan Tactics V1.pdf”) was presented to committee on 20-May-10.

1) Understand who our customers are and who our competition is

  • survey members (see SurveyMembership)
  • identify competition
  • define our sustainable competitive advantage

2) Clarify our offerings and the types of people we want to attract as members and customers

3) Improve our website

  • fix the infrastructure
  • fix content management systems
  • update with fresh content

4) Update marketing material and programs

  • create new collateral consistent with our targeted segments and messages
  • use electronic-based collateral
  • trial print-on-demand

5) Use fact-based information about effectiveness of marketing efforts

  • implement web analytics
  • get custmer feedback
  • get membership feedback