• Flight manual (nice to have online copies available)
  • Maintenance manual  (nice to have online copies available)
  • Pilots notes  (nice to have online copies available)


  • The Junior is manufactured by BZL Bielsko. Other gliders made by BZL Bielsko include the Smyk PW-5 and the Jantar.
  • For further details visit the PZL Bielsko website or the Sailplane Directory website.
Best Glide Ratio 1:35 @ 43 kts
Minimum Sink Rate 0.60 m/s
Manufacturer PZL Bielsko
Country of Origin Poland
Designer Stanislaw Zientek
Number of Seats 1
Number Built 300
Aspect Ratio 18.0
Airfoil Wortmann
Structure GFRP. Epoxy. Steel tube.
Wing Span Wing Area Empty Weight Payload Gross Weight Wing Loading Water Ballast
m ft sq.m sq.ft kg lb kg lb kg lb kg / sq.m lb / sq.ft kg lb
15.0 49.2 12.51 134.7 242 533 113 250 355 783 28.38 5.81 0 0