Click on the aircraft type to access more detailed information on that aircraft or on Prices for hire rates and conditions. Manuals for each aircraft and instrument systems are kept in the upstairs briefing room of the clubhouse.


  • ASK21 (VH-GFQ) is a modern 17m glass-reinforced plastic two-seater training glider produced by Alexander Schleicher. Purchased new May 2010 and entered service in August 2010.
  • ASK21 (VH-GFZ, s/n 21845) was purchased new in May 2008 and entered service in December 2008.
  • Twin Astir (VH-KYK,a two-seat sailplane developed in Germany in the 1970s by Grob Aircraft


  • LS3 (VH-WUS ) was Donated to the Club by a long standing member.
  • LS4 (VH-XCL s/n 4123) is a 15m Standard Class single seat sailplane manufactured by Rolladen-Schneider.
  • LS4 (VH-ZBC s/n 4091) was purchased in December 2012.
  • LS7-WL (VH-XJJ s/n 7071)  is a 15m Standard Class single-seat sailplane produced by Rolladen-Schneider.
  • Junior (VH-XOB s/n B-1790) SZD-51 was built by PZL Bielsko.


  • Pawnee PA-25-235 (VH-BXP s/n 25-2638) is a 235HP single seater tug.
  • Pawnee PA-25-235/A1 (VH-MCF s/n 3005) is a 235HP dual-seater.
  • eTug (VH-CUR s/n 5169) is a modified PA-25-260 with a water-cooled automotive V8 engine in it.
  • Scout (VH-UTK s/n 202-76) is a tandem two-seater 8GCBC made by American Champion Aircraft Corp. UTK is available for general hire for tail-wheeled endorsed pilots.

Private Aircraft

  • There are more than 70 privately-owned sailplanes based at Benalla.