Launch Me!

Everything you need to know to to get in the air as soon as possible, fly safely and have the best flight you can! 

What’s Happening? 

  • Current weather: synoptic maps, satellite photos, real-time radar, BLIPmaps and latest temp traces.
  • Recent flights: view the best flights of recent few days or the full list of recent flights.
  • Live tracking: view a real-time map of who from Benalla is flying where (powered by SPOT).

Get Me Airborne!

  • Fleet availability: what’s available to fly now? (not yet implemented)
  • Rosters: what instructors are on duty?
  • Rides: who can I get or share a lift to Benalla with?

Plan the big one!

  • Tasks: useful tasks, task planning, etc
  • Retrieves: making sure your retrieve experience is a good one
  • Safety information: how to ensure a safe flight – SAR, I’M SAFE, dehydration, fire
  • Competitions: flying in competitions, events held at Benalla