Benalla Council Gouging from GCV

 The petition has now closed.

Thank you everyone who helped by signing, sharing and following our petition to “Stop Benalla’s Airport Rate Gouging”. The Gliding Club of Victoria has invited the Councillors to come along and see the site as well as start discussing the potential damage such rates would cause.

The issue has been deferred until the 30th March (next Council Meeting)

Stay tuned.


Council Gouging

The Benalla Rural City Council have recommended an increase in hangar rentals to a Council meeting on Wednesday 16 March 2016.  The current rental is approximately $75 per spot per annum, this amount does vary slightly between sites.  The Council proposed a rate that would see a glider spot increase to at least $1,048 per spot per annum!

This increase is, at best, overzealous and at worst could easily be interpreted as gouging.  The increase is not in-line with other region centres that operate gliders such as Bacchus Marsh, Ararat and Temora where we have checked their rates which range from $75 to $200 per glider spot.

We believe that this level of increase will cause a decline of participation in the sport at Benalla.  A site renown for gliding and soon to hold the World Gliding Championships.

The GCV Committee will have representation at the meeting and will object to this proposal.

Take some time to write to Council to object to this ridiculous proposal.

John Switala


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